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    Founded in 1994, Megaunity Environmental is a national high-tech enterprise, having Liaoning provincial level engineering research center and provincial level engineering technology research center in the coastal city of Dalian, provides high quality industrial plant air treatment system solutions for customers. During more than 20 years of development, Megaunity has trained a group of professional environmental design and project management engineers, and accumulated abundant experience in system design and engineering projects. Megaunity operates environmental protection equipment research, development and manufacturing bases in Dalian and Shanghai, provides environmental protection system equipment operation and maintenance services, and is devoted to become users' long-term partner providing environmental protection system solutions. 

    In the past decade, Megaunity has supplied the ventilation system of automobile paint shop factories for many well-known brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, etc., and has become a large automobile paint shop ventilation system provider in China. In the field of industrial waste gas treatment, relying on overseas advanced technology and self-developed know-hows, Megaunity has competitive advantages of German quality and competitive cost in the field of oil-mist purifying equipment for precision mechanical processing industry and vast factory building integrated constant temperature and humidity welding fume exhaust system, the organic waste gas treatment device – Regenerative Thermal OxidizerRTOcan provide customers with high efficiency and energy-saving system solutions.

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