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  • Oil Mist Purification Series

    MEGAUNITY and German BRISTOL have joined hands in offering excellent services to customers, by combining high-quality oil mist purification products from Germany with Megaunity's excellent system design and project management capabilities.

    All of our products meet EU CE standards with fire resistance certification obtained, and we can provide customized services according to different personal demands.

    Application Sectors

    Auto Parts、Rail Transit、Aerospace、Medical Equipment、Machine Tool、Electronic、Bearing、Military、Cutting Tool、Gear Making、Pneumatic Components、Power Plant

    Application Process

    Machining、Die-Casting、Cold Heating、Heat Treatment、Cleaning、Drying、Stamping、Welding、Fresh Air Purification、Hot Forging

    Diagram for product application

    System Advantage

    • A variety of filtration technology, full range of products: electrostatic;Mechanical;The centrifugal;
    • International cooperation: BRISTOL, Germany; ABSOLENT, Sweden; FILTERMIST, UK;
    • Modular design;
    • Energy conservation and energy recovery;

    Personalized Service

    1)   Our equipment is tailor-made and in modularized production, and customers may adopt the modular integrated overlay according to their own demands, which is simple and convenient.

    2)   Equipment inlet and outlet may be set according to the pipeline installation on site.

    3)   Combined filter (electrostatic + mechanical)

    4)   The configuration of fan or different types of fans shall be based on your actual needs.

    5)   The configuration of various pre-filters shall be based on different working conditions and requirements.

    6)   Configure HEPA high efficiency filters.

    7)   Configure activated carbon filter to remove odors from the air.

    8)   Vertical mount is adopted to make full use of space.

    9)   In case of dense oil mist, a two-stage electrostatic filter may be adopted to meet the high purification requirement.

    10) You can choose whether to configure self-cleaning function or not。

    11) Provide a supply chain of design, construction and commissioning of air ventilation, air purification, air conditioning, energy recovery, etc.

    Products used

    Applicable Industries

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