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  • Live preview: Smart Forging and Green Production Solution

    From 21:00 to 21:30 on May 28, Megaunity and Sunway Precision Forging will jointly hold an online technology lecture themed “Smart Forging and Green Production Solutions”. Manager Li Mingming from the Forging Department of Jiangsu Sunway Precision Forging Co., Ltd. and Engineer Liu Sai, person in charge of Hot Forging Smoke-Gas Treatment Research Group from Dalian Megaunity Solutions Co., Ltd. will be invited and they will focus on “Forging Automation and its Peripheral Equipment” and “Hot Forging Smoke-Gas Treatment System Solution”. Welcome your early appointment and attention! 

    Meeting Theme

    Smart Forging and Green Production Solution


    Jiangsu Sunway Precision Forging Co., Ltd.

    Dalian Megaunity Solutions Co., Ltd.

    Date of Meeting

    20:00-21:30, May 28, 2020 

    Meeting Agenda

    I: Forging Automation and its Periphery Equipment(30 min)

    Keynote Speaker: Li Mingming, Jiangsu Sunway Precision Forging Co., Ltd., the Manager of Forging Department, Engineer.

    II. Hot Forging Smoke-Gas Treatment System Solution (30 min)

    Keynote Speaker: Liu Sai, Dalian Megaunity Solutions Co., Ltd., Master of Engineering, the person in charge of Hot Forging Smoke-Gas Treatment Research Group.

    III. Interaction and Q&A (30 min) 

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    Company Profile

    Dalian Megaunity Solutions Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1994, Megaunity Environmental is a national high-tech enterprise, having provincial level engineering research center and a provincial level engineering technology research center in the coastal city of Dalian, provides high quality industrial plant air treatment system solutions for customers. Relying on overseas advanced technology and self-developed know-hows, Megaunity Environmental focuses on a service model ”standard + customized” , providing the environmental protection equipment and system solution for soot purification, oil mist treatment , VOCs treatment and ventilation. Megaunity Environmental has become an excellent partner of large-scale enterprises, and provides services for well-known enterprises in automobile industry, machine tool industry and furniture industry.

    Contact number: 400 860 5288

    Jiangsu Sunway Precision Forging Co., Ltd.

    Established in April 2006, Jiangsu Sunway Precision Forging Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company jointly funded by Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Sunway Group Co., Ltd., and it is a national high-tech enterprise. The company is a Chinese Forging Model Enterprise recommended by the Confederation of Chinese Industry, and is a Chinese enterprise member (only two) of International Cold Forging Organization (ICFG), the most authoritative international academic organization in the field of international precision forging. The Company’s main products are precision forgings for constant velocity universal joints of automobiles, cold forgings for shafts of automobile gearboxes, cold precision forgings for gears of automobile gearboxes, precision forgings for construction machinery, etc. At present, the Company’s main clients are FAW-Volkswagen, DPCA, Honda(Guangzhou), Volkswagen Automatic Transmission(Dalian, Tianjin)Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co.,Ltd., Magna, Shanghai GKN HUAYU Driveline Systems Co.,Ltd., Jtekt (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Denmark Danfoss and Kennametal, etc. It owns 8 provincial high-tech products and has obtained 70 patents (including 29 patents for invention). The Company plans to build into a cold, warm and hot precision forging base with an annual output of 100,000 tons of various cold, warm and hot precision forgings and parts in 2020, and strive to become an international advanced and domestic leading cold, warm and hot precision forging service provider. 

    Contact number: 86-515-83858199

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