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  • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO)

    The Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) products are integrated equipment for high efficiency purification of VOCs waste gases from storage tanks, reaction kettles and sewage treatment plants in fine chemical industry with regenerative catalytic oxidation process. by integrating various process modules, it can meet the requirements of different working conditions. Meanwhile with a a reasonable layout of box structure, the regenerative catalytic oxidation process system has been integrated into a movable skid structure to achieve not only environmental protection, but also facilitating in movement and installation.

    Process Principle And Structure

    Through the heat storage bed, the Exhaust gas after filtered entered the RCO reaction device would be preheated to 300 ℃, then will burn at low temperature under the action of catalyst combustion, organic component will generated CO2and H2O in chemical reaction, and the combusted high temperature gas then pass through the heat storage bed, during which more than 90% of the waste heat will be recycled and emissions to the atmosphere, thus the purification has archived.

    Process plan of RCO

    Functional Advantage
    • Safety of operation: As flames can be generated in thermal combustion, and will spread along the pipeline when the concentration of organic matter is high; on the contrary, the catalytic oxidation has no flame, the safety of catalytic oxidation is higher.
    • Higher Purification efficiency: The removal efficiency of organic matter by thermal incineration is generally about 90%-95%, and that by catalytic oxidation is over 98%.
    • Small size equipment: Thermal combustion equipment is large; while catalytic oxidation equipment is small.
    • Nox content is low: when the tail gas treatment temperature exceeds 800℃, nitrides will be generated and the emission will easily exceed the standard.
    • The equipment investment is smaller: the thermodynamic combustion system has high temperature, high energy consumption and high material requirements for the reactors; on the contrary, the condition of low catalytic oxidation reaction temperature and low exhaust gas concentration can realize a low energy consumption of automatic heat balance without additional energy consumption.

    Product Feature

    A.   Modular design – The integration of multiple process modules enhances the flexibility: dividing by process types and functions, the functional independent parts has been redesigned, to achieve standardized modules, thus the design and production processes are speeded up, product and engineering quality ensured, and the manufacturing and installation costs reduced.

    B.    As the Box structure-integrated design saves more space, the transportation and assembly has been facilitated: to maximize the use of limited space, the original huge process system has been integrated into a box with a height of less than 3.7m. The panel of the box is assembled with sheet metal structural bolts. which is easy to dismantle, assemble and maintain, and can be installed in half a day. It is very suitable for production sites with limited space.

    C.   Efficiency and Energy Conservation - Adhere to Customer Perspective

    ?   Platinum-palladium precious metal honeycomb ceramic catalyst;

    ?   The main reactor and the secondary reactor are combined to ensure that the emission can always be up to the standard.

    ?   With the help of ceramic regenerator's function of "cutting peak and flattening valley", concentration fluctuation can be dealt with calmly.

    ?   Up to 95% heat recovery efficiency, the equipment can operate with low energy consumption even in low concentration time.

    ?   Frequency conversion control of fan, adapting to various changes of customer working conditions;

    D.   Remote Internet-of-Things - A New Remote Monitoring Solution

    Based on cloud platform, the Internet of Things (IOT) system of organic waste gas treatment equipment is developed to realize a remote interconnection, data transmission, data analysis, equipment management, remote debugging and process optimization.

    Economical Model – Purification efficiency of more than 90% with small area, light weight, short start-up time, low energy consumption is suitable for low concentration waste gas treatment. The specific parameters are as follows:

    Efficient Model - Purification efficiency of 97%, including purge process, which is suitable for strict requirements on environmental standards or higher requirements on purification efficiency. The specific parameters are as follows:

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