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  • Catalytic Oxidizer (CO)

    Technical Treatment Effect And Advantage

    Handing safey: Catalytic oxidation is flame-free, therefore, the safety of catalytic oxidation is higher. 

    High purificationefiency:The removalrate of organic compounds by catalytic oxidation was over 98%. 

    Small size of equipment: The equipment is smallerin size and occupies less space.

    Low NOx levels: When the temperature of waste gas reatment exceeds 800℃, NOx will be fomed accordingly. The reaction temperature of CO is 200 -400 ℃,and no NOx is produced.

    Low operating costs: The catalytic oxidation reaction temperatue is low and the energy consumption is low.

    Wide scope of application: Catalytic combustion process has lesslimitation on the concentration and calrficvalue of comtustitle componens and wider application scope

    MEGAUNITY  will provide you with customized solutions

    • Investigate existing energy requirements, exhaust gas composition, temperature and concentration;
    • Assessment of emission compliance and energy recovery;
    • Evaluate possible solutions by observing the economic indicators of different types of devices;
    • Providing design services in the process of making plans and evaluating economy;
    • Submit design results;
    • Evaluating investment costs;
    • Submit the best solution and quotation, reduce the customer's comprehensive cost;
    • Work with customers to develop implementation plans;
    • Provide training and guidance to your staff on new technologies.

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