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  • Sand Control Filter

    Sand control filter is a patented product developed by our company independently. The product model is ZHKT-FS, which can separate sand and gravel in the air quickly by centrifugal force and confluence flow field. It is especially suitable for fresh air inlet of air conditioning system in sand area, which can prevent sand from entering air conditioning system effectively. Modular products can be combined and used according to needs freely with convenient installation and free maintenance.

    Product description

    Filter blade is of arc structure. Unique louvered filter hole can separate sand and gravel effectively. Each unit is 900W × 1800h × 600D, with filtering air volume of 20000m3/h. Multi-units can be used in combination. Most of the products are made of SUS304 stainless steel. Unique sand collection box at the bottom can collect grain of sand and discharge them regularly or automatically.

    Scope of application

    Inlet of air conditioning ventilation system

    Applicable place

    Suitable for windy and sandy areas

    Product features

    It can prevent grain sand from entering air conditioning system effectively and prolong service life of the filter; it is one-time investment without daily maintenance and its operation cost is low; the effect is more obvious in areas with more sandstorms.

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