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  • Stamping Industry

    A large amount of stamping oil should be sprayed on the surface of sheet metal to reduce scratch caused by high friction and high temperature in the process of forming / stamping. A large amount of oil mist produced during spraying can cause environmental pollution. Customized solution provided by Megaunity Environmental for stamping industry can avoid overflow of oil mist effectively, improve oil mist filtering efficiency, and recycle stamping oil mist, so as to reduce use cost.

    Description of working condition

    It is a common process method to apply drawing oil to sheet metal before stamping to ensure the quality of sheet metal in high speed drawdown forming. A large amount of oil mist produced in the spraying process has high concentration and small particle size.


    A. The oil mist collector is integrated with production line. Air in fuel injection chamber is extracted by large air volume to form a negative pressure to prevent the oil smoke from overflowing. All collected oil will be returned to oil tank for recycling;

    B. Multi-stage electrostatic filtration technology provided by Megaunity Environmental enables the purified air to be discharged directly to the workshop;

    Core advantage

    A. Unique Tandem electrostatic filtration technology of Megaunity Environmental has long-term stable operation, no consumables and extremely low maintenance cost;

    B. High efficiency oil mist collection and reusable recycled oil can reduce the cost of oil consumption;

    C. Megaunity Environmental has long term cooperation with many international high-end stamping lines;

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