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  • Heat Treatment

    Oil mist and oil fume will be produced when work-piece is heated or rapidly cooled after heating during annealing / tempering, hardening / quenching and other heat treatment processes.


    Description of working condition

    High oil temperature, not easy to capture, high concentration of lampblack, sticky and peculiar smell.


    A. Megaunity Environmental provides various capture technologies such as mobile, blowing and suction;

    B. Adopt the measure of air supplying and cooling;

    C. Adopt Tandem electrostatic technology to purify oil mist and fume at the same time;

    D. Rear activated carbon filter module can eliminate the odor;

    Core advantage

    A. Compared with common electrostatic filtering technology, German BRITOL technology and electrostatic power supply adopted by Megaunity Environmental have automatic control function, which will not cause fire hazard due to core discharge, and can operate stably for a long time;

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