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  • Welding Industry

    Welding, grinding and hot cutting are widely applied in modern industrial production processes, in which a large amount of smoke dust is generated. Soot is a very complicated substance, in which more than 20 kinds of elements have been found. The main harmful substances in welding soot are FeO2, SiO2, MnO, HF,etc, with a particle size generally between 0.1-1 um, however, soot with a particle size ≤2.5 um will settle in human alveoli. After the dust enters human bodies,it may cause serious injury or even lesions in the lungs, and the incidence of related diseases, such as coronary heart disease and bronchitis, will ncrease. Such kind of soot not only affects the health of people, but also seriously affects the environment, lowers work efficiency and increases safety hazards for workers.?With the development of processing technology over the years, the amount and composition of soot generated is becoming more and more complex,and the requirements for production efficiency and workshop environment are getting higher and higher. In response to the above problems, Megaunity Environment will rovide you with a complete set of high-quality system solutions based on your actual working conditions with our experienced expert design team and years of industry experience. Our services cover the whole process of design, implementation, commissioning, after-sales, operation and maintenance.

    Fume purification case of welding of automobile carriage

    Description of working condition automobile carriage

    A lot of CO2 shielded welding is used in welding process of dumper carriage, and a lot of fume will be produced during operation. Large size of carriage with different specifications makes it difficult to capture fume. In addition, the welding fume contains oil and has fire hazard;


    A. Adopt a variety of local capture technologies according to layout of production line,

    B. Collect the captured fume to the outdoor host for purification;

    C. Adopt pre spraying function of horizontal cartridge filter of Megaunity Environmental;

    D. Adopt a variety of fire prevention and fire extinguishing technologies;

    E. The system adopts Siemens PLC system intelligent control and touch screen man-machine interface to facilitate operation and maintenance;

    Core advantage

    A. Design local capture scheme according to working conditions to reduce air volume of the system;

    B. Select oil resistant filter cartridge and pre spraying design to increase service life of filter cartridge;

    Case photos

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