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  • Cutting Industry

    Metal cutting technology includes flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting mainly. A large amount of flue gas and dust generated in cutting process will permeate the whole workshop if not captured and filtered effectively, which not only affects the environment, but also endangers the health of workers seriously. Specialty design team of Megaunity Environmental can not only carry out standardized product design for popular cutting equipment according to working conditions, but also carry out non-standard system solutions for specific special working conditions according to specific cutting equipment.

    Dust purification case of flame cutting

    Description of working condition

    In the field of forging, sparks are splashed and a lot of dust and harmful gases are produced when the flame cutting riser of heavy forgings. Forging with high temperature (450-650 ℃), large volume (more than 2m) and water pool will lead to smoke and dust vapor diffusion, which is difficult to capture;


    A. Use mobile telescopic capture cover, patented technology of Megaunity Environmental, to capture. Capture cover adopts automatic telescopic mode, which has the characteristics of good sealing, high temperature resistance and stable operation. Exhaust air volume of the system can be reduced by more than half compared with traditional method;

    B. Use anti-condensation low pressure pulse bag of Megaunity Environmental to remove dust. The effect of purifying high temperature water containing dust is good, and it is discharged outdoors after purification;

    Core advantage

    A. Patent capture technology

    B. Anti-condensation low pressure pulse bag filter has the advantages of small volume, high purification efficiency and stable operation;

    Case photos

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