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  • Mission: Creating fresh environment for the world, Building a beautiful China?

    Vision: An enterprise that creates value for hundreds of years, Create a world famous brand 

    Core Values: Credibilty, Innovation, Succeed, Win-win?

    Enterprise Spirit: Self-improvement, great kindness, self-cultvation and consideration of others?

    Brand Implication: Fortune is brought to countless people, and sky, earth and human are in unity?--Megaunity

    Megaunity's staff would like to make great efforts with environmental protection professionals to keepfresh environment for posterity?!

    Have taking the business principles of growth of employees, development of enterprise, happiness of famlies and improvement of society, Megaunity always pays attention to its reliability to the employees and contribution to the society. Megaunity has been awarded Dalian best employer for two consecutive years, and attracted and trained a batch of excellent talents, relying on heavy culture and advanced talent principles.

    ?Megaunity cares each employee's physical health, carries out interesting collective acivities every years to rich the employees'everyday life and strengthen their physical health; Megaunity cares each employee's career growth, provides employeewith direction and specific instructions, allowing employees to have continuous career improvemention this platform; Megaunity cares vulnerable group, continuously offers support, and promotes the development of the society with love; Megaunity particpates in the nation's education growth by supporting the training courses of principals in elementary schools locatedin uralaras. Megaunity is not only an environmental protection enterprise specializing in return a livable environment for posterity, but also continusouly promote the social development and create a fresh environment inthe world. After 20+ years'rapid development, Megaunity has the current achievement owing to all staff's efforts. In the future, Megaunity will make great efforts for creating and sharing a better future!?


    Family Return Day


    Annual Corporate Sports Meeting


    Morning Exercises


    Business wisdom sharing - Everyone is a speaker


    Social Volunteer - Dalian Marathon


    A meeting between the chairman and employees' children


    Football Games


    Team Building


    Team Building


    Corporate Anniversary Celebration

    “Create and enjoy a fresh world”. Megaunity Environmental continues to adopt environmental protection technology to provide fresh working and living environment for human beings. We make an example by incorporating responsible actions on environment, society, employees, customers and suppliers into whole business operation mode, hope to promote long-term development and profit growth of the company, return more to the society and bring benefits to the society ultimately;

    Pay attention to education

    Every child has the right to receive education. The company raise some funds every year to subsidize out of dropout children and improve their school environment to make children in remote mountainous areas afford education and receive education in a better environment;

    In June, 2020, Mr. Yao Weiguo, Chairman of Megaunity Environmental, walked for 13 consecutive days at the gobi, walked 30 kilometers a day, and raised a total of 200 thousand yuan from all walks of life to subsidize the study of children in mountainous areas;

    Walk with love

    Good Principal Program

    A good headmaster is a good school. The company has started to participate in “Good Principal Program” since 2014, and organized “Foot Institution” to provide training opportunities and material support for improving the education level of principals;

    Poverty relief

    The company has set up “Megaunity Charity Fund”, is enthusiastic about social public welfare activities, participating in disaster relief and helping the weak

    Protect the environment

    The company has set up volunteers to organize environmental protection public welfare activities regularly

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